LabVIEW Labview and MATLAB equivalents

The LabVIEW modules run under National Instruments's LabVIEW.
LabVIEW's Mathscript module must be present for them to run.

Prof. Anthony Richardson of the University of Evansville has
written MATLAB versions of these LabVIEW modules.
They run under Octave 4.2.2 and 4.4.0 and MATLAB R2015a.

The authors thank Prof. Richardson Tony Richardson for his
willingness to share these programs publicly. For more details see:

The MATLAB versions of LabVIEW modules 9.4 on are not yet available.
They will be uploaded as soon as they become available.

LabVIEWAlso needsWhat it does (click for details)MATLAB
LV21.viNothing Convolves two exponentialsLV21.m
LV22.viNothing Auto suspension responseLV22.m
LV41.viNothng Oven temperature response LV41.m
LV42.viNothing Inverted pendulum responseLV42.m
LV61.vitrumpet.csv Notch filter tone from trumpetLV61.m
LV62.vitwotrumpetsGA.csv Separate two trumpet signalsLV62.m
LV63.vitrumpet.csv Filtering noisy trumpet signalLV63.m Frequency response from poles+zerosLV81.m Notch filter to eliminate 1 of 2 sinusoidsLV82.m
LV83.vitrumpet.csv Notch filter tone from trumpetLV83.m
LV84.vitrumpet.csv Eliminate periodic from sinusoidLV84.m
LV85.vitwotrumpetsAB.csv Separate two trumpet signalsLV85.m
LV86.viNothing Dereverb a simple signalLV86.m
LV87.viNothing Denoise periodic by thresholdingLV87.m
LV88.vitwotrumpetsAB.csv Separate two trumpets using DFTLV88.m
LV89.viNothing Spectra of periodic using DTFSLV89.m
LV810a.viNothing Continuous Fourier transform using DFTLV810a.m
LV810b.viNothing Continuous Fourier transform using DFTLV810b.m
LV810c.viNothing Continuous Fourier transform using DFTLV810c.m
LV91.viNothing Lowpass filter design by windowingLV91.m
LV92.vivictorstone.csv Spectrogram of "The Victors"LV92.m
LV93.viNothing Spectrogram of a chirpLV93.m
LV94.viNothing Period using autocorrelationLV94.m
LV95.viNothing Delay using cross-correlationLV95.m
Lowpass filtering an imageLV101.m
Denoising image using lowpass filteringLV102.m
Deconvolution using Wiener filterLV103.m
Haar wavelet transform of Shepp-LoganLV104a.m
Daubechies wavelet transform of clownLV104b.m
Compression of clown using DaubechiesLV105.m
Daubechies wavelet denoising of clownLV106.m
Inpainting of clown using Daubechies waveletsLV107.m